Discover our expertise

With nearly one million members, Tuango is the largest transactional network in Quebec for the distribution and sale of promotional offers. Thanks to its unique formula, Tuango allows you to carry out marketing campaigns that produce real results!

Why work with Tuango ?

We have the required expertise to create a campaign entirely tailored to your needs and reality. Tuango creates deals adapted to a multitude of businesses. In this way, we are able to offer a good diversity to our clientele. We specialize in getaways, relaxation and recreation businesses, retailers as well as online products. We also have a section of the website dedicated to our Tuango Boutique.

Let us create a campaign that reflects your image, thanks to our team dedicated to your success. One of our representatives will be able to give you a presentation on the different campaign options (shared revenue, exclusive visibility, customized campaign). Our production team will keep you updated on the whole process while your campaign is being produced and put on the market. Whether with or without investment, an easy and turnkey solution is available.

A diversity of marketing actions

Tuango is a leader when it comes to the market of exclusive offers. To reach our objectives, we use a multitude of communication canals to bring forward your brand, your exclusive offer and your business. 

Newsletters, social networks, last chance emails, display campaigns, banners, micro-sites, application. 

We have everything you might need to enable your campaign to reach its full potential. 

Tuango Packages


Revenue Share

No investment

  • Revenue shared based on the success of the offer.
  • Classic turnkey offer.
  • Tuango customers are entitled to an advantage.
  • The better the offer performs, the more natural visibility it gets. 




with investment
  • Maximum visibility
  • Campaigns are tailored according to the investment you are willing to put. 
  • The best way to track your ROI
  • Performance report available
  • Choose which marketing actions you want to use


Investment possible
  • Analysis of your needs before the creation of the campaign to identify the best canals.
  • Investment possible to obtain even more visibility than the one naturally generated by the offer. 
  • Ideal to obtain a new clientele.

Tuango is flexible!

Concretely, it means that these packages are indicative, but that we are not limited to them. The most important part is to determine your objectives and the best possible method to reach them.

Don't let imaginary boxes stop you. Tuango has the expertise and experience to let you get out of the box.