Discover our sales team


Sebastien Pech

Sales Director

Sebastien has been the Sales Director at Tuango for more than 6 years and he brings with him more than 20 years of experience in business development. 

Proactive and dynamic, he's constantly inspiring his team and gives them strength with his enthusiasm and his proficiency. He always says it: ''Communicating means repeating.''


Claudine Roy

Business development

With more than 20 years of experience in business development (both B2B and B2C), Claudine is always aware of the best business opportunities for her clients. 

Not only can she help you find the best growing strategy for your shop but she can help you find your future gourmet experience!


Julie Sévigny

Business development

At Tuango, our reps are passionate people and Julie is most definitely proof of that. 
Working with us since 2013 as an adviser with a speciality in digital marketing, always looking for the next activities and outgoings, she know how to imagine a publicity campaign with just the right angle to help you achieve your objectives. 

Pascale Bourque

Business development - Québec

Pascale has been working at Tuango for 4 years now! She loves discovering new local products.
She is a light-hearted, positive and full of laughs woman. She follows grabs every opportunity thanks to her good intuition. 
''I myself use Tuango a lot because it's always great discoveries but also to make sure the quality of our products is still as good as promised. I also like to help contribute to the success of my campaign partners which have become friends through the years!''

Mathieu Billy

Business development - Hotels

Mathieu is the representative specialized in lodging. He knows the market like the back of his hand and has been working with Tuango for 9 years. 

You need advice for your establishment, call him!



Patrice Allemand

Business development

With Tuango for 9 years now, Patrice has more than 18 years of experience in business development. 

A real expert in his field (and petanque!) he'll help you evaluate the best possible course of action for your business. 

A complete team working to your success

The Finance Department is there to lighten your load by managing the entire campaign and the payments. You have questions about payments, taxes, or how an offer works? We've got answers. 

The Prod Department works for you by redacting the offer, adding the images before launching and then making sure the entire offer is set up for success. By having an account manager assigned to your offer, it becomes easier to discuss details one-on-one. 

The Marketing Department manages Tuango's branding but also yours. It is primordial to know to whom we can present your offer for a maximum ROI. We are the leaders on the market because we know our clients and what they like.

The Boutique Department is always in to discover new products. Since the products in the Boutique are meant to be delivered, we make sure to manage the entire Boutique separately so the team is ultra-specialized in their field. We are able to manage everything from selling the product online to shipping it to the client. Do not hesitate to feature your new product directly on our platform. 

The Customer Service Team is made of some of the most friendly and amicable people you might have ever met. A client having questions is one of the most normal expectations and we are always happy to answer them. By putting the client at the center of our strategy, we are making sure that every client gets the best possible service and that is why we make sure every one has a quick and happy experience. Because our client, is also your future client.

The IT Team helps us all. What would an e-commerce website be without its an ultra specialized IT team? They are implicated on our day-to-day but also develop new technologies to help your business grow.